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The timing is dead on and it ran fine before replacing the distributor. I changed spark plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter, pcv valve trying to narrow down the problem. have yet to check egr or mass airflow sensor ...
Even though it turns over it doesn't get fire to start the engine
when start and every time press the gas pedal. thought it was miss firing changed sparks plus leads but is still smoking
The same warning light that indicates my hand break is on, sometimes comes on while I am driving, but the hand break isn't on. Please assist me?
there hitting the flywheel not turning it the teeth or the same. i cant get the starter to line up .i tryed spacers .nothing is working.just wont grab the flywheel help help please.
Engine is running OK. I've just bought an used Starter & want to measure the consumption when tested in the bench, and a typical AMPS figure when it is in the car starting the engine. THanks in advance. Ruben
I have replaced the alternator and its charging at 14.3 volts. I have tried 3 different alternators and its the same with all 3. All the fuses have been checked and are good. I have no voltage coming out of the wire o...
I hear its by the fuse box inside the car?
The seat belt on the driver's side started fraying and seems to have jammed the motor, anyone tried replacing it themselves?
For some reason my car will not shift into second gear unless I let go of the gas pedal & then it will shift. Also, white smoke comes out of the tail pipe when I start the car. It runs very rough. Help!