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He has also replaced the ignition switch and checked all the relays from battery to fuel pump. If we let the car sit for a few hours to a day, then it starts back up and is good for a week or two.
Trans jumped to reverse then back to drive going down road now no reverse only grinds
runs good when giving gas or in park only in drive
I checked the starter tested and it's good, what can I do?
I recently replaced the starter, alternator, and clutch, and i turned the clutch safety switch off. What else could it be? It will however roll start.
Car overheats almost too much to drive if I don't constantly fill it up with water and even then it gets hot really fast. Is it safe to drive with a blown or failing head gasket?
to change a master clutch sleeve cylinder on my 1991 manual coralla
Can get it within inches but wont go in all the way.It's the 1 that came out of it
i have been told maybe something to do with the auto choke any ideas, had a split raidioator hose
My car has 160000 miles when I start it up it does good but 1/4 mile down the road the check engine light comes on and the car stalls or hesitates.If you pump the gas it sometimes stays running.We replaced the fuel pu...
Struts and strut mounts are new...noise continued. Left wheel examined by mech. with no play detected. Noise heard when driving very slowly over bumps or uneven pavement and also somewhat when decelerating from high...