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compression dry- ranges to 110, 110, 110, 110: wet- 140, 130, 120, 120..the gauge indicates only that oil circulates a little when you steps on the gas pedal on neutral.. is the oil pump busted or need replacement?
the engine oil does not circulate properly, is the oil pump busted or something else? Thanks
The transmission wont go into drive but reverse's and gose into park it just spins when in drive fluid is black is that the problem?
how hard is it to replace the waterpump?
on the sensor oxygen for my toyota corolla would it be before or after the cadillac converter its a 1990 toyota corolla
Was going up north to make a visit.Suddenly a clanking went in the front end and the wheels would lock up. I bought and replaced a new cv half shaft wheel bearing and wheel seal for the driver side.took it for a test ...
whenever i make turns i hear a clicking noise, what is this?
did the transmission have a label?
clutch is 6 mths old
This is a 87 not 90. Where is the petcock valve. I don't see it anywhere. I need to change the coolant badly!
my 85 toyota corolla clutch goes to the floor and wont go into gear why
I recently replaced the lock cylinder on the trunk of my 1988 Corolla 4dr sedan. (The key had broken off inside the lock). The new lock works fine with the key, but the trunk release lever only works once in a while...
This car is continuously burning up brake light switches. The fuse blows as well. It'll work for a day or two but then it happens. I rewired all the way from the switch back but to no avail it still happens. Could...
no spark to run engine,troubleshoot problems needed.