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This is a 1.6 hatchback Toyota corolla 1.6 liter engine Has a normally aspirated engine, with electronic ignition.Car was in perfect running order a month ago when the battery was stolen after which the car was not d...
I actually have a 1985 Toyota Corolla. The engine is over heating and the fans on the radiator are not turning. I thought it might be a belt, but I cannot find one that is not turning. So, I just need to know why the ...
is there a ceartin way to position the pulley @10 degrees
Just sitting at red light and air conditioner just went off and at same time looked at gas hand and it showed empty when it was actually full. Prior to this happening it would not start, just connection problem there.
car cuts out worker on altanator already
how many cans of freon does an empty ac hold 1990 toyota corolla dx
is the temperature of the engine be affected if the oil pump only pump a little oil?
my car has new plugs and wires BUT is missing out more and more, its worse and worse. What is it?
I parked my 1990 toyota corolla and when I returned I can not get it out of park. I tapped the brake lights but they didn't come on either. I was told that it could be the brake switch. Is there any way I can get the ...
what is the causes if the oil pressure is not normal as indicated in the oil pressure gauge? the engine is quite and no tickling sound.
My car sputters and stalls at stop lights. Has new spark plugs and air filter. I think it may be the fuel filter but cant find it on the car. Please help
compression dry- ranges to 110, 110, 110, 110: wet- 140, 130, 120, 120..the gauge indicates only that oil circulates a little when you steps on the gas pedal on neutral.. is the oil pump busted or need replacement?
the engine oil does not circulate properly, is the oil pump busted or something else? Thanks
The transmission wont go into drive but reverse's and gose into park it just spins when in drive fluid is black is that the problem?