Whilst driving it stopped selecting gears...... I can start the cAr 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and reverse without pressing the clutCh it doesn't move an inch or make a noise I took the gearbox out and check clutch and pressure plate they fine I checked and greased the bearing and cleaned the fork and there clutch I bled it over and over......I started the motor selected gears same thing... I'm now really confused please assist ASAP..I really love my car and dnt wanna lose it.... Pls help..... My local. Mechanics are also Confused

My temp gauge stays at the cool bottom position when driving but if I idle it goes to the middle normal range. My heater works fine when idling but blows Luke warm air when driving, are these things related and what can I do to remedy this situation?

my corolla 1.8 D since I bought it the windshiled only works in max speed position... i think it could be a relay but i cant find it in the car...

its been for awhile it start when it was cold then when it get hot wouldnt start till it cooled downthen it start no it jus cranks

I have a new complete motor. I would like to get a estimate on the labor cost to have it swaped out.

Feels like the wheels are coming off

My toyota corolla 1990 has that little hole that you can use to plug in chargers and put out cigarettes (no i dont smoke). How do you turn that on? Please help!

The part # is 8472712020 and everywhere I've checked (short picking one from a salvage yard) say they don't have it and it's no longer available. Is there a clearinghouse or something like it that might offer OEM parts that the dealership no longer shelf?

Or is there a decent work-around other than depressing the by-pass button located near the console?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in responding to my request.

ive adjusted throttle cable as low as it will go still high idle and revs up and down

With the key out of the key cylinder the steering wheel isn't locked but when I insert the key and move it to accessory, it locks. Also the shifter stays locked continuously. The car is an automatic. The car is acting just the opposite of what it should. Is the cylinder damaged that attaches to the steering column?

drive for a mins cuts off have to keep cranking it it is not a 1990 but a 1980

But strangely, when engine is switched off while stepping on the brake, it doesn't rattle that much!