SW engine 4af front wheel drive. Alternater bad. Caught fire. Need wiring harness. Its a metal 3 prong. Need to know where to get one. Thanks

replace slave cylinder but line broke and is extremely bent. Concerned that connection closest to Master Cylinder is connected to the cable or is it just like slave connection-screw it in

Alternator was bad. Wiring harness burnt. Need to find one and instructions on how to replace.

Then the power steering wheel lock wasn't able to pull over do to no shoulder lane what caused this and how can this be fixed scary experience

Does not seem to occur when accelerating and shifting(5 spd). Backing off throttle seems to help a little and slowly increasing speed.

It was cold and frosty this morning, so I started the car, and it ran for about 2 minutes, then suddenly shut itself off. What would cause the car to do that? This never happened before to my Totota Corolla.

Whilst driving it stopped selecting gears...... I can start the cAr 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and reverse without pressing the clutCh it doesn't move an inch or make a noise I took the gearbox out and check clutch and pressure plate they fine I checked and greased the bearing and cleaned the fork and there clutch I bled it over and over......I started the motor selected gears same thing... I'm now really confused please assist ASAP..I really love my car and dnt wanna lose it.... Pls help..... My local. Mechanics are also Confused