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My car has about 125,000 miles on it and it has started running a little rough and is burning quite a bit of oil. I am going to get a tune up but don't want to be taken advantage of by the mechanic...I would like to k...
brakes started going to the floor bleed them worked for a few miles went out again
RPMs has to be 3,000 for heater to blow hot air. When RPMs drop the air cools off. ??
need to be able to diconnect it in order to replace it
battry replaced at walmart, with in 5 miles, motor runs rough, oil light blinks on and transmission shifts only at high rpms. stopped and checked oil, called walmart and guy said it needed oil change. went home, 20 mi...
where is the heating control valve located on the 2001 toyota celica...how is it controled...by vaccuum or mechanically???
The heater will not heat while running around in town but if out on the highway it will heat...does it have a heater control valve .... does the water run through the heating coil all the time???
The heater doesn't always work. Sometimes it will come on after driving for a while. I have checked the water level and the leaving water line out of the heater is cold. What could it be?
Approx cost to replace possibly the cable affiliated with the clutch? clutch has been replace 3-5 months ago. driving this morning heard a pop when shifting gears into 3rd now stuck in 3rd gear. cars runs fine but stu...
how do i get the driver side window back on its track to be able to role it up?
ok so this is my gfs car and i havent got into it to see whats up. but from what she says it had a stuck valve and she got it fixed but a few days after, it started burning 2 quarts of oil every few days. whats wrong ...
So i know that when a charcoal canister goes bad it can effect the catalytic converter. But I was wondering if anyone knew how long roughly it could take to do that?
where is the shift selenoid located?is it hard to replace?
Where is the oil pressure sending unit located on a 2001 Toyota Celica 1.8L4 cylinder
I am unable to roll my window back up and I was told I need a new motor for it. What is the price range for these and where can I find the cheapest price and is the installation done professionally?