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But it does start on the next two or three tries. There are no clicks to speak of, maybe one, and it doesn't sound like the battery is trying, although once in a while it has. Sears said I needed a battery so I change...
I already removed both CV axle not realizing that the pinion with slide downnow I have a piece of broken aw axel in my transmission how do I remove 2000 Celica GTS
didn't realize that I couldn't pull both cv axles at the same time and pinion slid down and now I can't bang out the broken stub from the axle what do I do
The first time the check engine lite came on with a code it required one of the oxygen sensors replacement. several months after that the lite started coming on and going off, after that it came on and reflected code...
when car was shut off went to restart and steering wheel is locked and the brake pedal is also locked. how do I fix
Vehicle has two plugs with oil on them.one is saturated. car runs relatively fine at idle but when accelerated it runs rough.no external leaks. no oil in coolant or vice versa.used a stethescope on the engine and ever...
There's nothing wrong with my engine but I would like to replace it or upgrade it because it has over 230,000 miles on it
Checked trans oil. The car tis an automatic. The car will shift into third, but rough. What can I do or what am I looking . Thanks
(manual transmission) The passenger side is constantly squealing, the pitch varies from day to day. During normal driving, it's slightly noticable. Braking can make it a little louder. However, at low speeds (parking...
I found it under the car but it goes up into the passenger side of the car. How do I get to it from inside the car?
The front bumper and hood are "unbolted" from the car.. about how much would it cost to get it put back on??
160,000 miles on car and 50,000 on transmission, Celica GT, with 5 speed manual.
How many fuel injectors does a 2000 Toyota celica GTS have and how many need to be replaced?
when i start my car the a/c doesn't work - at times i can feel a bit of cool air coming from the vents -after about 20 minutes it kicks on and blows ice cold air. Before I take it to the shop I'm trying to find out w...
my son has a 2000 toyota celica he told me that when hes driving it theres white smoke coming from the dash. do you have any ideas about what this might be before i take it to have it looked at?