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My AC fan started making a huge racket today! The lower two settings aren't really noisy, but they aren't very effective either. The two highest settings sound like the engine is about to fall out of the car! But it i...
Had a hard time starting finally did ran about ten miles then died in tbe process i broke a sensor that went to a line where water ran through
Acts if it wants to start almost feels like its not getting enough gas and it will not start. And the engine got really hot
But when car is in drive it shifts perfectly to drive. Only has no reverse or neutral. Code reads shift solenoid 2 which I replaced. Now reads shift solenoid e. Where is transmission relay switch located?
had the head redone put it all back to gather line up all marks but no spark
the ignition coil cap rotor wires and plugs are all new
also have check engine lighst on in change termostate and temperature sensor but stikk appears on thanks
Peter, continuing from our conversation, today you were going to check to see if my year had the 2 phillip's screws that would allow to check the air flow meter. Please verify and let me know. Thanks
Hi Patrick, To continue from where we left our conversation today, you were going to check if my year had the airflow meter (2 phillip's screw) which might need cleaning. Appreciate you checking.