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these bolts thread into holes on the disc assembly, to aid in its removal
won't go over 2800 replaced fuel filter plugs wires cap roter New head gasket timing belt water pump
We have replaced all the back bulbs but still no brake lights. Looked at all the fuses and all seem fine too. Blinkers, reverse lights, etc, all in working order.
water leak below distributor, about the size of pinky finger
I've checked the bulbs, they are both good but when i put my car in the reverse gear, the lights wont come on?
When I'm driving my temp gauge will start to climb to about 3/4 or more but not fully overheat. Then I will put the heat on and it will drop back down to halfway which it normaly is always at. I checked my anitfreeze ...
drive its ok..and runs good once it is driving..i changed the thermostat but it doing the same thing..
I had to have two fuel lines replaced because they were leaking. Now my mpg has dropped. I use to get about 400 miles per full tank of gas now I'm barely getting 300. I took a look at the gas lines and noticed they ar...
I'm having a little problem getting belt around back power steering wheel
she replaced her cat in mar her test was737 and 509 and mine is 1773 and 2021 my lifter is also knocking
voltage at the black and orange wire at igniter,but no power at the red wire on distrbutor, should there be 12 volts at the distributor? if so is the voltage sent by the igniter? trying to figure out how the system wo...
i did a dia. test and it said its bad but i cant find it help
I have replaced the battery and get power to the car when I turn the key is makes a pop noise and kills all the power I have to get out and move around positive terminal to get power back. I can get it to start by jum...