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Just replaced the transmission do to it not shifting correctly just wondering how I'm supposed to pump my atf through it
There's a button on the side to Override it, but, pressed and unpressed it - still can't move from 'Park' Thanks
Got a 1989 Mr2 non turbo..gasoline smell in side of car..don't see any leaks..help
Mother-in-law driving, car came to a stop and died at light after exiting freeway, restarted and ran for another minute until loosing power and stopping. She told me the oil light came on. I have verified spark with t...
it thuds faster when i go faster and its worse on right curves and better on left curves. vibrates a little
what are we looking for when charging system don't work
seems fine but still not charging, what else should we look for
The rpm gauge is busted but the idle is high in park and neutral. It also surges (goes up and down) a little when at red lights. I have replaced the throttle position sensor and the idle air control valve(new parts). ...
Trying to find the fuse location for the power windows. I have one window that works and 3 that do not. Any suggestions
When I push my cluch it feels like there is not pressure and it wont let me shift into gear does anyone have any ideas? thanks
Does my car have the Federal approved oxygen sensors or California sensors. Can I use the Federal approved oxygen sensors on my car I live in California
I am replacing the valve cover gasket and have only gotten on spark plug out of it. There is oil on the wire caps, and can't seem to get any of them to come out. I am using a 5/8 socket, which is it calls for. Just ne...
on idle when gased it pings sounds like its coming from intake manifold...