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Just bought the car, the dash panel door and hat opens downwards exposing the GPS controls acts like its latch is stuck so the door only opens 1/4 way.
I had a dead battery this mornng and after jumping it off and getting the car started the accelerator doesn t work above an idle.any idea what it could be
How long can I drive without replacing? Can it be fixed and not replaced? Didn't know it was leaking - no symptoms. Seems this shouldn't happen with 51K on it, but they told me it was an "old" car, regardless of miles.
I bought new tires in July 2014, have always did the requirement maintenance and tire rotations on the car, this was the 3rd time new tires have been put on the car. I have to take the car back in Aug 2014 because t...
After each one was replaced, the light was turned off and was off for about 2 days and appear again. please help, I'm at the end of my rope.
mechanic said both inner tie rods need replaced, I said car only 5 years old seems should last longer than that and was I going to have to have them replaced every five years, he said because Avalon a heavy car puts e...
Cracks started appearing two years ago and have rapidly worsened
how to remove the lid on the center console
cannot figure out how to get to the light to change it
I was told by my personal mechanic that when the battery died it interfered with the computer program that oversees the transmission, causing the hesitation. (a flaw with the original program). I took it to the deale...
The cruise control switch on 2007 toyota avalon broke. What is the procedure to replace it?
only happens when the window is down and you close the door with even a minimum amount of force. When reinstalling, it sits in the guides very loosely