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I'm wondering if a light was left on or something. I drove it on Saturday and it was fine. This morning leaving for work, nothing.

Is there an easier way to replace the in cabin air filter on my 2000 Toyota Avalon without taking the glove box out and disconnecting the air bag?!

How do I close my moonroof

Why does my automatic transmission downshift instead of "coasting" when there is no demand for power as my foot is lifted from the accelerator? The transmission will down shift at specific speeds as the car begins to gradually slow causing an increase in RPMs on the tach, and a "noticeable decrease" in speed. It is as if downshifting to use "engine braking" to slow the car down. The transmission can be felt downshifting at approximately 46mph with a very slight increase in engine rpm; more noticeable at approximately 37mph causing a 250 rpm change; again at approximately 30mph. At about 24mph, as the car slows due to the braking action, the transmission seems to upshift, releasing the sensation of "engine braking" and feels like the car is "coasting". There have been times when going between 25-30mph that the transmission seems to "hunt" for a gear to be in creating a "brake-coast-brake-coast" sensation.
The issue has been reported to the dealer and they were "not able to duplicate". At my request the transmission was "reset" and the issue remains.
I have read that another Toyota model, as well as some other makes have had similar issues.The Toyota issue was evidently caused by a control module adjustment.
I read that an engine or transmission control module could be an issue.
The car is always driven in the "normal" transmission mode and upshifts very smoothly.
I have access to three other cars and have not experienced this issue. I had a job that required me to drive 70-80K miles a year in numerous cars and I never experienced this.
The sensations are felt more when the car is warmed up after 1.5 miles. I am the only driver.

No signs at all. and i just changed the oil with 5 litres of toyota oil and oil filter barely 48 hrs ago. No leakage of oil under the engine.
I noticed the oil was almost dry as the time the engine stopped on highway..
i thought the oil did not guage well and I added more 4 litres of toyota oil to it. Still it did not guage.
in total, i have added 9 litres of oil.
the engine did not start.
Please what could be the problem?

I lost a set of keys in car, without the spate anywhere around, it still cranks and goes, so do sent the keys gave to be in the car somewhere?

I understand it was part of a tech package. The car does have Adaptive Cruise control and automatic high beams. Is there a way I can be sure it has pre-collision?

I need to replace a rack and pinion on my 2005 Avalon and would like a quote on sale and labor cost. Thank you. Georgia Rolfe

Have not used the car for 4 months. Should I expect some problem.

Driving, what could the problem possibly be?

When using my heater in my 2015 Avalon, the center console gets extremely hot. I've measured it with an Infrared Thermometer and it gets up to 129+degrees after being in use for a 15-20 min drive. It is actually painful to touch in some areas. Toyota's Service Manager told me this is normal. How is this normal? There is no way for me to turn off or control the temperature of the backseat heater located in this center console. Anything I put in the cup holders or in the storage under the radio gets hot. Chocolate melts, chapstick melts, cold drinks get warm. I'm very unhappy with this. Is this really normal?

I can not get bracket off on the backside of the intake at the top.

Turned off they just stop where ever they are

The car has all the security systems you could think of....first thought maybe it was because I was too close to the curb making the turn, tried slowing down did not help. Went to car dealership and of course it did not beep....

what could it be

It will not go down. It is stuck in up position

The noise is all the time, even when the car is just sitting there. Which is killing my battery. I think it's the door ajar beeping but the picture of the door isn't on. But the light in the back ceiling is on, so just turn it off. So it might be that? I don't know. But just need help to stop it! Can't take it to the shop now but need my car.

Stereo cover will not open. I do not want to try and force it open, but I need a clue on how to open it in different ways.

Can not get belt on .loosened A bolt not sure about B bolt

All this happened at once, ongoing. Suddenly some keys don't work in the outside locks.

Full all time and car is still overheating at after short period of driving ..

also on passenger no buzzer when seat belt is not on fuse?

The stereo is frozen no part of the radio works including volume when you turn off the car the radio is still lit up but not on

Noise became noticeable after last dealer oil change and tire rotation at 39,000 miles. Car now has 40,000 miles. I replaced tires at 36,000 miles at an independent tire store and they balanced them at time of installation.

My battery died and I'm trying to push it out of the spot its in to get a jump start but my gear shift is locked and I can't out it in neutral how can I unlock the gear shift with no battery?

I am hearing rattling noise under the compartment were the spark plugs go

turn right but my hazard lights go on

My cars transmission is broken and we need to fully replace it I'm not really sure how much it costs?

How do I reattach it

Whenever I hit a bump or pothole, more noticeably at higher speeds, but happens even at lower speeds.