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primary ignition coil failure..no 5 plug. just replace no 5 coil. 150000 miles
Bought new gas cap and reset computer by disconnecting battery. Lights went out then after a few miles went on again. This code tells me it has to do with ignition coil. There are no other problems. It started wh...
I have taken my car to 7 different mechanics and no resolve to this problem to date. I have the wheel bearing hub replaced 6 months ago and the same wheel that the hub was replaced on is the one that constantly wobbl...
Filling the car's gas tank was no problem until after we returned from a 10 1/2 month RV trip. The car remained in the garage and was not driven during that time. When we returned and went to fill the car's gas ta...
I cannot get my trunk closed. It happened once before and it fixed itself more or less. I can't recall doing anything specific to get it closed. It is probably something on the car I am not familiar with.
I feel it is something maybe to do with my garage door opening and closing or something I'm not aware of on the car. I do not remember how it corrected itself before, but I was able to get it down later in the day.
It was working fine yesterday. No indication of low battery power. Remote was out of range and tried to start engine. The panel showed the key sign crossed out.
My check engine light and my vsc light come on and my cruise control will not work. This will last for several days or hours then go off only to return later. What is causing this?
Locatione of coil 3. Is misfiring
This happens about 80% of the time I start my car, the shift indicator light is not illuminated, temp gauge does not work, abs light comes on, the MPG reading on the dash goes away, and the a/c does not blow cold air....
when using air conditioning the floorboards in the front become wet. I've been told there is a bulletin out that says this is the problem. Thanks for any advice you can give.
Mechanic suggest right front axle and or rack 'n' pinion, rotors out of round or wheel bearing.
When driving when i put up my power windows the car engine stalls for a second .Same when i dip my high beam.Have replaced the alternator twice still the auto electrician can not find it .The battery light comes on fo...
I had all 3 back coils and plugs replaced, mechanic put it back together, engine light still comes on and says it is the #5 coil. Has anyone else heard of this? Any ideas?