2005 Toyota Avalon Questions

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Have not used the car for 4 months. Should I expect some problem.

Stereo cover will not open. I do not want to try and force it open, but I need a clue on how to open it in different ways.

Had it checked out and that wasn't it. Also had transmission checked. I was told that's not it. You can hear noise around 45mph or greater. I'm baffled .

the bulbs seem to be good no error lights nothing happens when you push the four way flashers on and nothing happens when you put the left or right signal switch on

what could have broken

is there any pther solution for a leaking power steering other than replacing the arm etc? there is a little leak

the brake lights work as well as the back signal lights work I changed the bulbs and fuses but still no lights how do I fix this

with oil and need to repair the rack and pinion. There is no leak under my car or any sign of oil leak. The guy said it happens on the road... when if it happened on the road there has to be sign of oil leak under my car. No I do not have steering wheel problem. drives ok. Please let me know if this guy made up this problem because I am a female customer or there are signs I can look for ... Thanks

What is the average cost of a fuel injection cleaning service for a 2005 Toyota Avalon?

i have replaced the coolant bottle as was cracked. have flushed the system replaced the thermostat and put in new coolant. while doing this i also replaced the oil filter drained all the old oil and put in new oil. there is no oil in coolant or smoke blowing from exhaust so isnt the head gasket. could it possibly be the water pump?