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I was able to upload all along, but today I am not able to. What could be going wrong?
my vehicle is an avensis 2003 model. when i remove the battery terminal, reconnect and start it goes. but the time i switch of the engine and start again it comes back. please help
1 owner car 119,000 miles. well maintained. no problems. every time I take it in they try to upsale me special more expensive oil and extras. What do I really need???
It is overdue for an oil change so that would probably explain the check engine light but the other two???
The oil light came on and there's oil in the car. Put car on computer no codes. Come up. Is my engine ceased or is there a fix?
please include cost estimate with and without change of water pump in south Louisiana area.
drivers window. ould that indicate a motor or regulator problem? pleas advise
The squealing stops after a moment unless the air or defrost is on. Clutch? Bad belt?
The sound comes from the engine when it's started and while it is sitting and running, warming up.
car won't move in drive or reverse it drifts
2003 Toyota Avalon XLS Steering Wheel makes noise when you turn it and tire makes noise when you step on the gas. Please help?? You don't hear any noise unless you accelerate.