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has 132 miles, but engine replaced at 110k (with another rebuit engine that had 72k)
Fuel usage is very high 20 liters per 100 km. Car accelerates slowly
I tried it by removing battery terminal for 3 hours and tighten the gas cup again. Then I put the terminal back and lights went off but after driving 40 miles lights are again on and it also causes to tighten up the b...
My car smokes for about 10 seconds when I start it up so I'm guessing it's burning extra oil coming threw the seals that mite be very old
At highway speed when on a level surface, suddenly the transmission will act like it is in neutral? then when I step on the gas, it responds fine until the next level spot. Also, when I come to a stop sign/light, ther...
I tried whatever the manual said, and all I can get to work is "inst econ"! HELP!
The green "etc pwr" warning light appears just to the right of where the red blinking light is for the security system.
I figured that this might been an issue because over the weekend, I was driving back home and while I was waiting at the stop light, my car made this weird loud sound and when I started to drive off again. I noticed t...
It seems to me it started after I added more oil to my engine. Could I of put to much and is now burning the excess?? I know very little about cars help please!
Cover for the mirror is broken due to a side swipe of the garage door. The mirror still functions as normal it is just the outside cover broken.
as i was at school today i went to my car and as i opened my door suddenly the radio as well as the lights on the dash light up so i thought i had left it on (in my car its possible to remove the keys while the cars s...