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the windshield washer reservoir or the tubing from the reservoir to the pump appears to be leaking.
Toyota avalon 1999 replace motor or car
Can you tell me what is wrong and what need to be done.
After replacing the interior car door handle on the drivers side, issues occur such as: -If i try to open the door from the outside, when its locked, then use the car keys to open it, the door doesn't open at all (...
noise in the break when you step on the break pedal
everytime I breaking the noise is at front, but I don't have cheking engine
I checked the fuse going to the window and it is good ! I am almost sure that the window itself is getting power to it !!! Just don't what to pin point as the problem ... Thanks
I have a 1999 AvalonXLS, with 60,000 miles. Has been used mostly for city/suburban driving. What is a reasonable mileage for replacement of the timing belt and water pump? I am ignoring what the repair shops say be...
Also, the car has 89,000 miles on it, which I consider to be somewhat low for the year of the car. I am the second owner of it, my Mom being the first.
have replaced radiator, power steering pump, valve cover gaskets, crank and cam shaft seals. Car is still leaking fluid and now I am seeing a bit of steam or smoke come out of the hood. Could I have a bad thermostat...
When my car is locked and I try to open the trunk lid the alarm goes off about 70% of the time...........thank you!
So it only overheats while accelerating, and we've already replaced a hose and thethernostat don't know why it would keep doin it please help need car by tomorrow,mornin