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My battery died and I'm trying to push it out of the spot its in to get a jump start but my gear shift is locked and I can't out it in neutral how can I unlock the gear shift with no battery?

97 Toyota Avalon sways left and rich when driving. The car fishtails and spins out.bSeems trailing arm bushing needs to be replaced?

I bought new trailing arm but how to uninstall old one and install new trailing arm?

had compressor clutch replaced still not blowing cold air. fro past few months a/c dash light would blink but I would push the button--turn it off and then push again to turn it back on and it would work fine. but just this past week that trick doesn't work anymore. tried a new MC a/c relay fuse and that didn't work. mechanic says he replaced the compressor unit because clutch bolt was stripped and not engaging. still didn't solve my issue. what next/ something electrical still?

it worked one minute and the next minute it didnt

It was stolen I got it back and tried to start it it will crank over but no start. I saw a few fuses missing from the engine
Since I got it back from tow yard can't start it at all. It didn't start at the tow yard either


No miss fire or coil codes.Eng compression 210 lbs each. Ing coil reading on connector terminal is .9ohms. No reading at sparkplug connector side. Plugs look fairly new but lean grey.

Sound a lil like turbo but I dont have 1

I have not had any problems with my Toyota car until this major problem came up?

This started a month ago. It would start at first but the more it locked up the less it would start turning the car on. Now the car will not start at all. The key will not unlock past the accessories.

97 Toyota Avalon (V6) with 162,000 miles. However, the engine was rebuilt (due to a recall) by Toyota back at 89K. The Check engine light first came on last week. I tried to do a reset and it worked for about a day and then the light came back on. I realize I will need to have it looked at but I was hoping for a little heads up on the possible causes for the light being on. Thanks,

my avalon has a wiper always on problem and i cant find a relay for it (just a fuse)