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The driver seat is stuck in awkward position and electrics have How can I manually reset?
Mileage seens to change about 30 to 50 miles per gallan at different Gas stations. Am i buying more ethinal at different stations. gas comes down one pipe line. it has to be the additives?
Replaced plugs, wires and number 5 coil. Still have same problem. Could the injector be bad?
Every Toyota I've owned since 1989, and those of family and friends (Camry, Sienna, Avalon, etc.), seem to have a constantly recurring vibration when applying brakes. None of our other non-Toyota cars have it. If it's...
I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon. I live in the state of Ga. Several months ago or so. After it rains. I began to here a swishing sound. I began to look for the problem. Found out with the window up, when rains and after ...
No dtc does a little better and almost goes away when it warms up
Running fine until went to start this morning (did not turn over at all). Jumped off Buick, but no results
I noticed car is being sluggish and does'nt move smoothly. i am trying to troubleshoot
The car will start fine but the car will not shift out of park.
Once my car is warmed up, when I come to a stop; the oil light comes on. It will go off once I start driving again.
Not sure what to do. Would like input in what others would do in my place. I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon XLS V6. I am the third owner. It now has around 211,650 on it now. Right now it needs a new timing belt and back...