Whenever I hit a bump or pothole, more noticeably at higher speeds, but happens even at lower speeds.

Ebertime and paasenger side door unlocks itself

Water pump need replacing.

I want to change the water pump

So I recently bought a 1995 Toyota Avalon with over 280,000 miles on it. So after getting gas today, my check engine light came on steady. And in addition the O/D OFF light was blinking for the first 40 or 50 miles I drove it after the check engine light came on. So once I made it to my friends house he hooked it up to his scanner and pulled the P1071 code. He cleared it for me, and all seemed well for a good 60 miles or so. Then all of a sudden on my way home the stupid check engine light came on steady again, accompanied by the o/d off light flashing again. The most recent work that was done on the car was $1,000 worth of brake pads, rotors and calipers front and back. Prior to that, I had to fix the missing O-ring under the radiator hose where it connects to the housing unit, because the check engine light came on the first time on me 20 minutes after I purchased the car. And it didn't start 45 minutes after I purchased it. And it over heated on me 4 times on my way home. I bought the car 15 miles from my house! So I'm about a month into this venture and have NO IDEA what this code means exactly or how I need to go about fixing it. BUT I NEED my car!! Hence the reason I bought a car!! LOL So Any idea's would be SUPER helpful and appreciated!!

Started today when parked overnight temp. droped to 9 deg. w/20 mph wind gusts.


Is this too much? 222,000 miles just passed.

133K miles never a single problem was running great.i just had rear valve cover gasket, plugs, pcv valve replaced. car has always run great. never had a problem. since work done car idles fairly well but when in gear it tries to stall & I have to double peddle it for fear of dieing in traffic. i was told that it cannot be placed on a code reader. of course cannot get mechanic to return my calls. ive checked all wires & hoses i can get to or see. ive also placed a can of c-foam in gas tank. any other suggestions?

The lights on the dashboard come on when I turn the ignition. But the engine will not do anything. What can I do to start my car?

Power and I have to take off by tapping the paddle lightly that's in drive but it takes off better in low idk what's going on help please

i replaced arear bulb that looked burnt out only to have the indicator light come on after a few minutes

it coming from around the plastic cover i don't know if it the water pump or something else. leak on alternator side of the motor. any ideas