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The shift solenoid A has a code. And the pressure solenoid also set a code.
Toyota tells me I have to replace the whole system at a cost of over $500!
The light comes on after a few days of getting gas, have changed the cap. I unhook pos terminal of battery to reset and works until a few days AFTER getting gas. ?
the alternator stopped charging the battery.
My VSC light was blinking and the check engine light were on this a.m. when I started my vehicle. 1st time this has happened. Any solutions?
My vehicle jerks to the right while driving the steering wheel shakes badly. Feels as is wheels are bad out of line or as if it had really bad tires. The tires are good and pressure in them is good. What could be w...
I have a 2008 Toyota 4-Runner w/about 40,000 miles. Recently, the dummy light for low tire pressure illuminated so I promptly aired them all up to tire manufacturers specs. Is there some magic trick to extinguishing...
What does it take to replace these bulbs. Is there an LED replacent over the filiment bulb? john.divincen@techelectronics.com