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my oil was low, my husband had a hard time determining when it reached the right capacity. I'm afraid he added too much (1 1/2 qts) Could this have cause it to start shimmying slightly at traffic lights when it never ...
Purchased vehicle 4 weeks ago. Fuel pump went out week one. Replaced fuel pump and filter. The car ran fine until yesterday. Began to sputter and then died. Will not restart. Cranks but will not turn over. Checked the...
I changed the intake it will idle and rev fine put in gear super slug speed plz help
new battery and it won't start at times.
First, I thought it was the Starter since I did not hear the car Turn Over. But, when it started several hours later...I drove it about three miles or so...then, the car Just Died all of a sudden when I was [driving]...
It doesn't do it all the time. It started last week.
replaced the plugs, wires, distributor, rotor, fuel filter, and fuel sensor, still fires and dies. drove it home hasent started since
My question says it all... The check engine light blinks, sometimes stays on continuously, and sometimes does not display at all, seems that the problem is intermediate. Thoughts?
I have changed the sparkplugs and swapped the coils and the same error appears, so it is not the spark plugs and not the coil. I have put injector cleaner in the fuel and run about 1/2 a tank, still no improvement. ...
Manually shifting doesn't help. Was intermittent, but now has become permanent...
How to remove fuel filter from 1997 toyota4runner which is located under the intake manifold
vehicle stopped running after I turned the corner. have replaced the radiator, knock sensor, starter, hoses could it be fuel injectors
The actual lock for the back hatch has fallen into the gray modeling and I don't know how to retrieve it
Automatic. After sitting awhile it will go back into 4 high by itself. Thanks
I've rain the washer for a long time. Nothing comes out and I can't hear a pump.
I have driven for about 2500 miles before I noticed that my transmission oil was low. I could smell the burning oil a few times over that time. But why didn't the A/T oil temp light go on? I know the light works.
I own 2004 4runner. My question is will the A/T oil temp light go on in the case where my transmission oil was 2 inch below cold? I assume that because of the low fluid my transmission would be overheating.
Recently I have my drive shaft boots replaced, the mechanic forgot to refill the trans oil. I realized that after driving the car for 2500 miles. Many times when it was warmer I would smell burnt plastic and strong ...
I think the rear is gone but I'm not mechanic hoping not
Changed plugs, wires, coil packs , took all the injectors out & cleaned them by running fluid through them & working the sylanoid with a 9 volt battery , changed fuel filter. Code says miss fire on #4