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It doesn't do it all the time. It started last week.
At 28 and 38 mph my cars shimmies.
I recently got the codes for the lights and here is what they read. P0031, P0441, P0455, and C1201. Is it just the oxygen sensor that needs to be replaced or is there more to it? Also it says bank 1 sensor 1, if I'm l...
My back hatch will not open. It worked fine then all of the sudden it stopped. I have disconnected the battery thinking that would reset it. Did not work. I have tried made sure the back window was completely roll...
Common when moving from a traffic light stop position
the window won't go up or down
tranny fluid correctly? A local Toyota service dept. told me this. They said its the only way to do it right.
can you show me where the automatic transmission refill plug is located
It's good idea to mix a 12oz hy-per lube replacement additive with 5W-30 synthetic Mobil motor oil for my Toyota 4runner. Thanks
The wear is not uniform on the tire tread. The tire gets worn up incline leaving outer edge more unused than the inner edge.
Maybe I should do that before drain and fill coolant.
Where is the bleeder valve on a 2007 Toyota 4runner.
Thinking of changing coolant, don't know where the bleeder valve is located. HELP!