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I have driven for about 2500 miles before I noticed that my transmission oil was low. I could smell the burning oil a few times over that time. But why didn't the A/T oil temp light go on? I know the light works.
I own 2004 4runner. My question is will the A/T oil temp light go on in the case where my transmission oil was 2 inch below cold? I assume that because of the low fluid my transmission would be overheating.
Recently I have my drive shaft boots replaced, the mechanic forgot to refill the trans oil. I realized that after driving the car for 2500 miles. Many times when it was warmer I would smell burnt plastic and strong ...
My son's 4runner has some electrical issues going on, check engine light, maintenance light, Trac control light, jumps from FM to AM, spits and sputters when 1st cranking, temp goes all the way hot, then back down.O2 ...
My 4 runner is a 2004 v8 engine with all time 4wd. I currently have the same issue as others have posted with VSC and check engine lights. Im not sure if these problems are related? However, when I accelerate I hear t...
what do I do to permanently stop Check engine, Vsc Trac & Vsc Off light from constantly showing, while I have already tried the alternative 'repair advised' & it came back.
what is the cause of my car swerving right each time I step on my brake?.
I have a 2004 4 Runner sr5 v6 engine with 156,000 miles on it. All of the sudden my car started running rough when I first turns it on and the Vsc trac, Vsc off and engine light cames on. The roughness stops after abo...
what is the possible effect of driving on your 4wdr at all time?.
would my 4runner have any complications if it is always used on axillary (H4)?.
After 3000miles can an oil filter be cleansed with cleansers like Tina or fuel and reused during oil change?.
why is my flat tyre sign still showing and my 4tyres have been vulcanised?.