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I can put it in reverse but it won't go backward. I can put it in drive and it won't go forward. It makes an odd noise when I put it back in the Park position.
New gas cap didn't solve the engine lite problem. Believe the problem is in the gas tank area, which is hard to inspect the tank and hoses, so i will to smoke test it. Some vehicles have a test cap to smoke test the...
My daughter was driving and she told me the engine light came on and the engine shuttered and it stopped running. I believe if may be the timing belt but if I attempt to start the engine will it damage the valves or t...
First the skid indicater came on whit the alarm. Then vsc. Off and vsc trac light on. When i shut the engine off and restart the light reserts. Whats causing these lights
I have a 2002 4Runner w/ about 170k on the odo. The following lights are on: Brake, VSC OFF, VSC TRAC and ABS. Meanwhile, the brakes work fine as do all of the other components/accessories in the vehicle. The handbr...
I've already replaced the water pump and the timing belt. My truck is not a 4X.
Temp gauge stopped working today since this work was done. Can the two be related? It worked just fine before, including on the drive to the dealership. Could they have unplugged something or knocked something loose?
Went to Firestone, because the ABS, VSC TRAC, BRAKE, VSC OFF, ENGINE CHECK Lights "ON" & Spedometer stop working. They found out the ABS Control Module BAD, need to be replace. But too Expensive ( 3000.00) just ...
i have a 2002 toyota 4runner and i am going to change my stock green dash lights to led white. but i want to know what i need to order to do so? just a bulb or what?
4runner would not start, 2 'mechanical' guys said it was starter (cause batt good) - so replaced starter & it still wont start - help
diag said p0420 what does this mean needs replacing?
does any body knows where the tcm is located on a 2002 4runner toyota?
If my timing belt breaks will it destroy my engine?
How often should I change my coils/springs on my 2002 Toyota 4Runner? Im at 200,000 mi now. The car looks fine to me, no sagging. But I took the car in about a noise I was hearing when I drove in & out of drive way...