the vsc and battery light is showing. please how do i resolve that?

On my 2001 Toyota 4runner 3.4l 4wd, when i brake, it pulls to the right. i brought it to 2 Toyota mechanics and both said it was the ABS pump/booster which cost like $2000 new. I have read online to check the ABS speed sensors, but would those cause it to pull to one side? The brakes work fine but i do avoid hard braking, cause that's when the pulling is more severe.

you can hold the blinker switch forward and bright lights stay on but as soon as you release it they go back to dim. I just bought this vehicle three days ago

While driving on the highway the other day, I slowed for traffic, the car stalled, when I put it in park to restart it, engine started right up, ran fine, as soon as I put it in drive or reverse it stalled.
Mechanic thinks I blew transmission, I do not. Car has 250,000 miles, also need a catalytic converter (engine light, VSC and TRAC lights have been on for 10 months)

i had the Suspension Stabilizer Sway Bar Links Replaced in the front. i can still feel it. rolling over railroad track crossings, small pot-holes in the road, running over a two-by-four. i have not returned to the mechanic yet. he tells me the all of the suspension has been inspected. what do you think? it seems more noticeable at lower speeds, like when pulling out of the driveway and running over something.

I re-calibrated my VSC and the problem persists. It's definitely electronic in nature, as when the check engine light comes on there is no delay. When the check engine light is off the problem comes back randomly. Frustrated.

I cleaned out throttlebody and everything cleared up and went away. Drove around town for a while then on my way back home coming downhill again comes back on. Let it sit for a while come back out everything's fine drive around for little while happens again.

The car (175K miles on it)shifts smoothly through the first 3 gears, but when it reached 50-62 MPH, it "clunks" it's way into and out of OD until the car reaches ~62 MPH. Then it shifts into OD and works fine in high MPH. But if I decel back to the 50-62 MPH range and then accelarate again it goes through the same hesitancy. The mechanic replaced the torque converter, still happens. He tried injector fluid thinking it was a gas issue, still happens. Help please!