Transmission was overhauled. When put back. Transmission was overhauled due to water/oil mix up at the radiator resulted in poor pull up on D, worked fine in 2, and L.
It seems something is still wrong after overhaul. What are the possibilities? any computer resting needed after transmission overhaul?

Want to know what other years/models of 4runner can I use for interchangeable parts? body, interior, mechanical?

after i pulled the relay out the base of it continued to chattter is this a serious problem

Many time I need to accelerate hard to get the truck to start moving after a stop. Also on occasion the breaks lock up at slow speed stops.To me it sounds like break caliper issues. It's like they are not releasing pressure? Thanks for your input.

The reason for replceing the parts. was it would run ruff when trying to speed up. but would idle just fine. thank you for your help...

Reset codes and engine light comes back on after about 12 miles with same code. In town and rural miles at different speeds. Engine runs fine with eng light on or off.

truck stalls when i first drive it but after a while its ok doe this mean my tranny is going out?

drive don't work and it did before I was told the problem now is in the transfer case what is the chance it went out while the transmission is being changed ? It worked fine to load it on the trailer to take it to the shop

My 4WD 4Runner needs brake booster. Repair shop in Salem Oregon wants to charge $760.00 for parts and labor. Is that a fair price?

Three bulbs were replaced and will eventually go out again...

I had a complete transmission rebuild on my car. Before the rebuild the code P0770 came up. Now after a rebuild with new shift solenoids and torque converter it still comes on with same code. The car has 218500 miles when the trans. was rebuilt.

when I go from park to drive especially on an incline the 4runner hesitates, makes a loud "chink" sound from the rear end and then it feels like it hits really hard before it moves forward. Its like the car is hit in the rear end and I propel forward a bit. This is the best way I can describe it....