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the info code P0450 shows up in the title of the info but in the body of the explanation, it shows P0452 several times. So is the info pertaining to P0450 or P0452?
All the tutorials have a screw-in type of ferrels, but my filter seems to have a slip-in type of connection. Do I need special tools for this? I would love step-by-step diy instructions if possible. Thanks
all the ones toyota orders have just one bolt & they will not work.
So I disconnected (neg./pos.) battery cables to cancel check eng lt. Then reconnected cables (pos/neg). Check eng lt is OFF. Vehicle is running fine past 2 wks. Can I rest assured prob. is fixed? Or did I simply cance...
When the vehicle is "cold" the gear that normally comes at 25 mph engages at around 30@2000rpm then lurches as it engages. This does not happen when the vehicle has been running, just the first time I get over 30mph i...
It's a 90 degrees out every day. The light came on and the code read- rich mixture problem. There isn't any gas smell from the air filter. I bought a new gas cap. May have to get new o2 sensors. The intake housing cou...
the internal side of front tires looks with overuse and sound desaligned
this happend when I apply my brakes over 40 m/h
I have a 2000 Toyota 4 Runner. We can find instructions on how to replace it but we can't find pix that show how. Can you help us with that?
It does not light when the headlights are on.
Found lights turned on spontaneously(after heavy rain/high humidity). Ran car 20 min to charge battery. When turned off, car tried to start(starter sound).
I've checked all engine and dash fuses. Replaced the brake light switch and unplugged my tow package light harness. All bulbs are working, blinkers work, I'm at a loss. Any suggestions?