Shift gears but as it starts to warm up when have to stop and start against won't shift up to 2nd . I'm very puzzled?

Seems that pan and dipstick are hitting on other componetnes. Seems like some thing might need to b e rem

supposidly repaired, return inspection, no longer needs emission ck because of age, yet computer, will not issue sticker, wants emission, and still "not ready. whats next?

It is getting a misfire on the 6th cylinder and the check engine light stays on.

Have check engine light and will take it to the parts store to have the code pulled.

I change the oil pump, filter, spark pluges, new oil, but its still not working. An the other situation is the went i start my suv. Its make a poping sound.

Changed fuel filter fuel pump plugs and wires

At number 3 you see the current jumping from line that is going to wire leading to plug number 6

this happens at every start

I do have a Toyota 4 runner 1999 SR5, Now I need to find out if it is necessary to have it done a timing belt replacement

99 four runner reves up after i shjft and hit gas gking up hills or over 20mph.rpms go past 3and not mkving.is it my teansmission

master key was lost dealer cut 2 new keys by vin but neither had chips in keys then found master key but now no crank no start r&i starter and had tested new battery and cables tested ign switch signal at start relay and test relay both good tested start wire at solenoid no voltage is this an immobiliser lockout of anti theft wondering if there is a reset procedure for this i have master key but no keyless fobs

I looked up the drive cycle to activate or "ready" the monitor. I took it out today, and it doesn't seem to work.

I changed the O2 sensor a month ago, driven it hundreds of miles, city/highway. When I plug in my scanner, all the monitors are "ready" but just not the cat...