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The actual lock for the back hatch has fallen into the gray modeling and I don't know how to retrieve it
Changed plugs, wires, coil packs , took all the injectors out & cleaned them by running fluid through them & working the sylanoid with a 9 volt battery , changed fuel filter. Code says miss fire on #4
My misfire started after over heating 2 times and only does it after running ,cylinder 6 was misfiring but there was no water or gas in the oil and the light flashes and goes on and off when it wants to
and the whole rear end replaced on my 99 Toyota 4 runner 4 cyl. 2wd 5 speed manual
Shift gears but as it starts to warm up when have to stop and start against won't shift up to 2nd . I'm very puzzled?
Seems that pan and dipstick are hitting on other componetnes. Seems like some thing might need to b e rem
supposidly repaired, return inspection, no longer needs emission ck because of age, yet computer, will not issue sticker, wants emission, and still "not ready. whats next?
It is getting a misfire on the 6th cylinder and the check engine light stays on.
Have check engine light and will take it to the parts store to have the code pulled. Thanks
I change the oil pump, filter, spark pluges, new oil, but its still not working. An the other situation is the went i start my suv. Its make a poping sound.
Changed fuel filter fuel pump plugs and wires
At number 3 you see the current jumping from line that is going to wire leading to plug number 6