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where is the oxygen sensor located and how hard is it to replace?
my toyota 4runner is running rough when i go 40 miles an hour or faster it feels like a bad sparke plug or wires. I replaced all those things and its still seems to be missing but it idles fine.
where is the location of the ignition coils and how to replace it
is there any connection between engine misfire and engine leak
what is the cost to replace ignition coils and wires
why the water pump start noising
I started up my 1998 Toyota 4runner today for the first time in 2 weeks. I went to go brush the snow off of my back windshield and I noticed smoke coming out from the rear drivers side wheel well. I looked under the c...
after driving freeway for about 15-20 mi. when i come to stop lite idles low then dies out
is this job difficult on this car?
there is light that is coming on shows the four but the front two turn to the right
My daughter recently purchased a 1998 Toyota 4Runner. This model is equiped with a stick in the console with a button on top. Does she need to be completely stopped to put her vehicle in to 4WD?
After replacing the spark plugs in my 1998 4runner the alarm went off and will not turn off with alarm buttons on key. It eventually stops and then repeatedly goes off again in a minute or so. I had to disconnect a gr...
All fuses OK. How do I replace the light bulb for the instrument panel?
my 98 4 runner wont start and alarm goes off everytime i try to jump start it,Its done this ever sense i left the ignition on and ran down the battery
i hear an occasional bump noise from the front of my car when i am backing out in the morning