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front park lights come on when hit brake pedal. Sometimes the left & sometimes the right. Sometimes one is on all the time & gets brighter when hit brake pedal. Door buzzer only working when hit brake pedal. ABS light comes on when turn on headlights.Have checked whole car for bad or touching wires & cannot find any. if anyone knows what the problem could be. Please comment. Thanks

The lower ball joint busted on the drivers side front tire. I had it towed to a mechanic who is quoting me 430$ to replace the upper and lower ball joint. It seems a little high to me?

need an estimate to replace the 4 wheel drive switch

I cannot get the front washer fluid to dispense. I pulled the whole reservoir out and water flows freely from both the front and rear outlets. I checked the fuse and that's good (the rear fluid works too). Not sure what else to check. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

how to replace valve cover gasket?

Can I tow a trailer with a quad down a bumpy dirt road with my 1998 toyota 4 runner 2wd?

The back door handle when pulled towards me, seems to have rusted off and now I can't open the hatch back. I have to roll the window down to access the back. No handle on the inside to open, please help my figure out how to take it apart, but not sure how.

i need my real axle seals replaced, can i go to a tire and wheel shop to get them replaced because fluid is leaking on both wheels

where is the oxygen sensor located and how hard is it to replace?

my toyota 4runner is running rough when i go 40 miles an hour or faster it feels like a bad sparke plug or wires. I replaced all those things and its still seems to be missing but it idles fine.

where is the location of the ignition coils and how to replace it

is there any connection between engine misfire and engine leak

what is the cost to replace ignition coils and wires

why the water pump start noising

I started up my 1998 Toyota 4runner today for the first time in 2 weeks. I went to go brush the snow off of my back windshield and I noticed smoke coming out from the rear drivers side wheel well. I looked under the car from behind to check if the smoke was just blowing sideways from the exhaust but it wasn't. So I turned the car off and took a closer look at the wheel well and seen that the only place that smoke could be coming from was the fuel tank, and I proceeded to start the car back up. Once I started the engine I noticed that the smoke was coming from the direction of the fuel tank so I immediately turned the engine off. I looked under the car to see if there was a gas leak or a tear in one of the gas lines but there wasn't. What could cause this to happen? And is it a bad idea to drive my car until I find time and money to have it looked at?