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How to remove fuel filter from 1997 toyota4runner which is located under the intake manifold
I think the rear is gone but I'm not mechanic hoping not
replaced plugs and wires,cleaned injectors,coils 1 year old. seems more frequent in cold weather
it does not matter if I am on the back roads, or highway or interstate
It sat for 2 years in Phoenix heat. Replaced any questionable vacuum lines. Vehicle running rich carbon residue at tailpipe exit
Won't start. Won't junp. Cleaned terminals & Put in new battery. Lights work, Turn key, get 1 click, lights don't dim.
it's like its not getting gas. could this be a gas line leak or a sensor? Vehicle want start it use to do this and start after about three times but now it doesn't start but will crank.
top of engine screws to manifold under intake were all lose.
All the gears work and It's an automatic transmission I have 255000 miles.
recently my truck is shifting funny I got it scanned and it read my shift solenoid is going out . I have not done a transmission flush or changed the transmission filter. if I do have the transmission flushed and filt...