While driving my 4runner it seems that the transmission is not engaging in drive with the overdrive on and the ect on, it does fine for a while then the engine just revs, but when I turn the overdrive off and ect off usually it goes back into gear

how do you check if a mass airflow sensor is working properly

When I put it in gear it won't sometimes move at all...in drive or reverse. Fluid level is good. Is this a sign that the transmission is going or has gone out. What do I need to do because I don't want to say I need a transmission if I don't. Would the screen make it do that?? Need a answer please. Thanks

Why when n 2nd or 3rd gear and gas is pushed the rpms go up but we can't get any power?

my transmission doesn't want to work when I put it on Lower sac and then I shift I'm going to take to drive

How do I change power brake booster?

I placed it into 4 wheel drive and it worked ok, then placed it into 2 wheel drive, and nothing. Checked fluids and was fine.

Started stalling about a week ago. Died a few times and then would restart. Went to start up Monday.completely will not stay started at all

replaced the plugs, wires, distributor, rotor, fuel filter, and fuel sensor, still fires and dies. drove it home hasent started since

I've rain the washer for a long time. Nothing comes out and I can't hear a pump.