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Tried to reverse back onto driveway, but it won't move at all. Drives forward but no reverse.
They are both 4 Runners with the same engine SR5 3.0. should just be a straight swap?
How can i determine fault btwn trans or TC before committing time and $ to replacement of trans in my 1990 four runner? When i bought the truck it idled very high and would slam into gear from park to drive. Consider...
Somebody please help! how do i ideal my truck down?
look for do it your self instructions on idealing down my 1990 toyata 4runner!!!! Thank you!!!
tires on the ground and the vehicle in nuetral.now i can not get it to go in to any gear.its manuel and it wont engage in reverse or forward.the 2 universal joints seem in tact
when my battery fell over onto the power steering pump it bent the pump and battery acid went everywhere when it ruptured it's been about three weeks the screeching is constant,should i straighten the power steering p...