The oil warning is constantly on even after changing the engine oil, oil switch. on 2002 Jeep Liberty

The is a recent development, when it started, the engine runs smothly but suddently began to make touching noise, so l shut down immediately. The car still starts though, but the noise remains. Could this be a case of failed oil pump?

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this could be alot of issues incl the oil pump.could be camshaft oil sensors for variable valve timing
Thanks for your prompt reply. Is the oil pump replaceable? Does replacing the oil pump involve bringing down the engine as a result of the location of the pump?
all data says 7.5 hr job, remove timing cover,timng chain and oil pan. the pump is 120.00 but do manual oil pressure test 1st. these are pretty dependable and would like to see more diag done b4 taking it apart
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