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The Jeep has cut out while at high speeds and has also shut down at a crawl. I need to stop, turn the vehicle off and then back on the resume driving. This has happened multiple times in the past week. Check engine light came on once, but went off. I do not have the diagnostic codes.

My new 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo flashed "shit into park" while driving at 55mph today on a four lane highway and basically went into neutral. I had no choice but to stop and shifted it into park and then tried to put it back in drive. It wouldn't go. I had to turn it off and then the shifter worked. This had only happened once, but I don't want it to happen again. Any thoughts welcome! Thank you!

I've taken 5 small tests and they read towel rack catalyst converter not complete what should I do?

Had new headgaskets put on n the only code is 442

will start with remote start , if you keep trying it starts

knocks when idling, quits when rpm above 2000

After I changed the head gaskets

The "gate" light in my Jeep Liberty came on while driving and would not go off, even though everything was securely shut. As a result, I was unable to lock my vehicle because the alarm would sound. The interior lights also stayed on during this time, which was a hazard when driving at night as it directly affected my ability to see outside my car. I have done some research on this issue and do see that it appears to be a common problem which may be caused by faulty rubber trim around the rear hatch window. The rubber allows water to get in to the latch and eventually ruins it. I recently had the gate latch assembly replaced, which did resolve the issue

light came on afer a stall then seemed to run fine. Day later started to run rough then stalled and wont restart
p0320 nand p0700 are the codes I got

Im looking to purchase a 09 liberty...It has 102K miles on it though. Are there any major issues I should be looking for with this year and model?

no lights come on. just beep, beep, beep (and does it twice) when put in reverse

vehicle but I can't start it until it gets reset. I am stuck in a garage on the 4th floor. I have a Jeep Dealership right across the street. They say it has to be towed. Really??? Please help.

why are these lights on and how can I fix it?

Then the engine died.
I found a mouse had been living in the glove box for the winter. I can't find any chewed wiring. Now it turns over but doesn't fire.

Key will turn on car but won't come out ignition.

Every time you drive it

I just purchased a 2001 Jeep Wrangler. It only has 70K miles. I drove it 2,000 miles back home. No problem on the drive home. When I arrived home I checked the radiator coolant and noticed it was low and added about a quart of antifreeze. Looked fine when I took off. I also noticed some water/condensation coming out the exhaust afterwards. I completed a compression test (all plugs out/throttle wide open/4-5 cranks) #1-130lbs #2-140 #3-120 #4-125 #5-140 and #6-70 lbs. I squarted a little oil in #6 and retested and went up to 80lbs. I believe this is normally pointing to bad rings but keep in mind the vehicle set for about a year before I purchased it. I've squarted some PB blaster in the plug hole and I'm going to retest tomorrow the compression. It appeared to have been running fine, good power, no smoking, all the plugs good good (grayish color).

Over heats & engine knocks

shifter was locked in park position. could not get it out of park. turns out that a small tab can be popped out of right side of shifter console and a white plastic 'lever'type can be pushed up or down (not sure) which releases the locking mechanism on the shifter. i am also getting an engine light that goes on. and the display is not corresponding with the actual position of the shifter.
what is the problem called and where can i take it to get fixed. and how much will this problem cost me. i understand that the part is a 'shifter sensor' that is bad, broken, or out of adjustment.

Taction control light is off once i start after i start driving more then 30mph the traction control turns on why??

My jeep just stop working, I check a few things and find out there was no gas pressure, replaced the fuel pump, filter, and relay but still won't start I also put a new crack sensor and nothing happens I don't get power to the pump.
I bypass the relay and put direct current to the pump but the engine won't start.
Can somebody please help me.

I need my car. Diagnostic says manifold. Does that mean it is the manifold or could it be heater core problem that is affecting. Manifold?

what are these little tabs attached to the windshield under the wiper blades and can they be removed!?

On a 2005 Jeep liberty what can I do for the diagnostic code of P0452? What is the most likely thing that is triggering that code p0452? i've already checked the lines and they seem to be good. Any suggestions?

What could the problem be?

Transmission not shifting correctly when First cranked. Have to speed up to get It to change into 1st & 2nd gear

My reverse lights never come on when im backing up, what fuse is used for the reverse lights? And if thats not it what could it be?

what do i do to turn it off? i've restarted my car several times and it seems to not be affecting me driving but i dont want to continue to drive if its bad. if you could please let me know what i should do in this situation

replaced the battery because jeep wouldn't stat. how no problem for three weeks and now wont start. Starter just makes a clicking noise

i put a new battery,checked the alternater,n put in a new computer....the asd is clicking like world war 3