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Wife called me at work to tell me she had tried everything but it would not stop. When I got home 45 minutes later, it was still going. I had to unplug the horns under the hood. Has anyone heard of this happening. What could be the problem.

The door locks stoped working. Wipers stoped working, and blows both of these fuses. I tried to unhook the battery terminals and hook them back up. After doing this there is no power to anything at all. We did get the parking lights and dash cluster to come on for just a minute and a no bus coad popped up on dash. Other then that the jeep still has no power to anything at all except dome lights that I had already stated. What is the problem??? Could it be a problem with TIMP or WCM ?

Why would I have 3 fault caution light son at the same time; Slippery road, ABS and EAD light(s) all on?

89000 miles. Original front brakes and I'm about to install my 5th set of rear brakes! Calipers are working properly according to mechanics.

I have two 05 jeep libertys, one 2wd and the other 4wd. The engine in the 4wd went bad so I took the engine from the 2wd and put it in the 4wd. The 4wd has one computer and the 2wd has 2 I think, one is in the same place (drivers side under hood) and the other on the 2WD has something on the passenger side too. Anyways after putting it back together it will not crank, it just turns over.. like it's out of time.


will 2010 jeep liberty rims fit a 2007 jeep liberty

Regardless of whether dial is set to blow from dash, floor, defrost, or all, cold air blows from the floor vents. Dash vents work properly and blow hot air when on.

Just got this Jeep Liberty. If does great in all weather and wet roads and rain I have no problem. But twice now there has been a dusting of snow and my ass end starts fishtailing. Any suggestions for a set of good tires that will stop this but also be good for the Rest of the year? Thanks in advance

Pulled into my parking lot n lightning bolt symbol came on checked the book it said electronic throttle control its hard to find someone because my jeep is deisel

Just died at 35 mph won't start now.

I'm afraid that my headlights will stop working until then. My dash board lights up and Binks but I loose no power. Then my speedometer hand drops and comes back up. I can get it fixed Monday afternoon but I have to go to work Monday at 5 am. Headlights. Are a big concern will they be OK for me to get to work

What's causing this? Fuel pump or filter, or something else entirely?

Changed the left side fuse, it worked for a couple days, blew fuse again, New fuse, now my brake lights won't light up

Factory door lock remote works on and off. Some times it works and at times it doesn't including alarm system.

I had this problem last several times week but I could eventually get it to start. It would run rough for a bit then be okay. Now it will not start.

We were on 66 doing 70 mph and jeep dropped into 2nd gear. Drove home and parked jeep. Next day took it to auto zone for diagnostic. Jeep drove like normal. Then Check Engine light came on and jeep dropped into 2nd gear again. Autozone said I had a bad transmission solenoid. Which one is it? Step Down or Transmission solenoid. Where is it located.

My radio doesn't have the Uconnect but I'd like to have it. If I bought one with Uconnect and installed it would it be an easy switch?

i had an oil change two days ago and the mechanics said everything looked good and sent me out. today my brother started up my car for me and when i came outside there was a loud whiney sound coming from my vehicle. I got in my car turned it off, then on again. there was a weird smell, kinda smokey. just to test it, i pulled out of the driveway and i conclude that my power steering is suffering. when i pulled it back in the driveway i noticed there was brown droplets (maybe dirt from the roads) and a two inch deep, four or five inches in diameter clearing in the snow under the front and center part of my car. power steering fluid isnt brown, and when ive had trouble with it before, there was no weird smokey smell or noise

on my guage display the word "gate" is displayed meaning the rear liftgate is not closed even though it is,now i cant adjust the brightness of the guages because after u turn past the first setting all the interior lights come on as they would if the rear gate was actually open how do i fix this problem?

is smoking and stalls at stops

When driving my 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport the engine started revving, but the car only moved because of momentum. If I pull over and restart it is fine for 50-100' then does the same thing. I had to put it into 2nd gear to limp it in to the dealership. The engine light came on. The dealership claims it has 2 errors, one of which is error after shift, and needs a transmission. The car only has 100,000 miles on it, barely, and is regularly maintained.

now it won't start at all

the control send a signal to the injectors to deliver a more quantity of gasoline fuel, i checked the map sensor, and engine water temp. sensor and crank sensor. but the problem still ...please send me more steps for check

Can't accelerate past 2000 rpm without smoke coming from tailpipe. The smoke becomes so thick I can't see traffic behind me

grinding and clicking when you turn or go stright

Jeep start up run thay put spark plugs and replace 02 sensor and thay checked 1 compression (60 lbs) but thay don't know what going on if my Jeep Liberty 2004

code says #6 fuel injector circuit.

Driving on the freeway at sixty five MPH at 2 RPMs before it gets ready to downshift it falls on its face. It feels like the transmission. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. It has 102,000 miles on it. We hooked up a computer for the motor under the steering wheel and the computer says that there is nothing wrong with the motor at all. Also the motor was recently pressure washed. The check engine light came on briefly after driving a mile but went off right away. The computer doesn't even read that the check engine light even came on.

I was driving and it shut it literally locked up me... And now it's not doing anything!!!..
I need a mechanic..

I have a coolant leak but I always keep some in it.