When I started my car, the alarm went off. I tried several more times. the dealer said to disconnect the battery and try. That didn't work, so we replaced with a new battery. Still didn't work. dealer said tow it in. Any ideas what causes this.

My Jeep Liberty 2009 is jumping gears while driving. I want to check transmission fluid but my book states I have a close transmission. Is their access to transmission fluid without opening transmission?

Very scary, while driving or turning, while excelerating, it makes a noise and stops driving and then kicks into gear!

My 2004 Jeep Liberty goes in reverse but only goes about a foot in drive and the back tires lock up. No one knows whats wrong or how to fix the problem. Death trap! I almost got killed!

Is there a part that needs to be replaced?

My car sometimes bucks on the highway.

How would I reset it if that is the solution?

I've been told that I can go 3000 miles between oil changes. What would you recommend?

In addition to oil changes in changing the brakes, what else does a vehicle of this age require?

When I went in for recent repair, my mechanic attempted to weld my heat shield back on. As I was going down the road today it fell off. How important is it to the operation of the vehicle?

At what point should I invest into new tires? I have 42000 miles and I was told by the dealership I needed to replace my tires at 35000 miles. When I had my oil changed most recently, I was told they are a "3". And that they should be replaced at "2". How many miles can I drive on the stock tires?

The tire gauge light on my dashboard stays lit, even though my tires are not low. Every time I get an oil change at the dealership, they tell me it will automatically turn off after I have driven 6 miles (they reset it). However, I have now had my car for four years, the light turned on 6 months after purchase and has yet to shut off.

The alarm won't light up or beep when locking and unlocking, but the dashboard lights and interior lights are on

So I just purchased a 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport (3.7 V6) from a friend and have had it for about a week now. Just the other day, I noticed a bubbling sound coming from the passenger side dash (guessing overflow tank) that comes and goes after I've been driving for at least 10 minutes or so, and it only seems to happen briefly when taking off from a stop. Haven't seen any indication of a leak just yet.

Temperature gauge is normal and never exceeds the halfway point. Also, I can smell a coolant smell coming through the vents when this bubbling sound starts to occur, but it is not constant and seems to go away when I turn off the car. Guy I bought it from just had the radiator cap replaced and they flushed it and "verified proper operation". What could cause these bubbling sounds and smells if they don't happen every time I drive it?

P.S. I obviously don't know much about the mechanical aspect of cars so dumb it down for me if you need to ;) lol

I was hoping it was for trailer wiring but that must be optional with a towing package

I have an03 liberty just replaced front passanger cv shaft and the new one keeps falling off the shaft comi g out of gear box plz help

Back hatch was opening but now it seems jammed. Head lights keeps coming on. Inside and outside lights.

I have a 04 jeep liberty 3.7 liter 2wd and I was wondering if it can be switched to a 4wd same engine

would like to by pass the compressor and get the jeep liberty to run again

I know technically how a rack and pinion works but my question is: is there supposed to be any "play" or movement to it. The rubber over metal piece that goes in the mounting brackets are slightly longer than the bracket so when the wheels are turned there is slight play within the mounting brackets. I'm not sure if it's supposed to have some movement cause the bolts are torqued to specs.

Replacing oil in rear end and I don't know if it is a limited slip diff or not

my 2005 jeep liberty anti thief system will not let my remote key start my jeep

Long crank and clicks when I start it. Sometimes clicks then starts up and other times I have to crank a second time and it starts right up but has a little shake but then stops. Is this a starter problem?

dealer ran hose cannot locate leak.

heads have been pulled & checked at machine shop. pulled #1 piston, replaced rings on that piston. after installation runs 15 minutes then loses all compression on that cylinder. HELP!!!!!!!!

AC compressor clutch went out so changed entire compressor, dryer, low and high switches, and liquid line with orifice tube inline, pulled vacuum on system and had no leaks, put proper amount of freon in system and compressor cycles but still won't blow cold, just warm/hot air.

please advise

Tried manual locks and keys. happened a few times in winter. thought it was frozen. now it is not working at all. can I fix it? or should I take it to a garage?

After repairing leak engine starts ,but is skipping terribly and will not run past 40 mph. I've read that when this happens sometimes the valve sets drop . Question is where are the valve sets?

applying brakes
steering wheel shimmies left to right
New pads and tires