Infiniti QX56 Problem Report

Infiniti QX56 The Fuel Gauge May Read Incorrectly

(19 reports)

The fuel gauge may be slow to register, fail to read full when the gas tank is actually full, or read inaccurately. Our technicians tell us there is a redesigned fuel tank sender unit to remedy this problem.

Ran out of gas when it was reading 1/4 tank. No fix yet. -
We fill up the 2005 QX56 and would only show 3/4 full for about 10 minutes and then finally would show full. Thought this was odd and now realize there is a recall for this issue. We have had so many electrical issue with this vehicle. Surprised they are still certified to be allowed on our roads lol. The brake issues are horrible. -
I also have the same problem. its only occasional but its there.I also have an off rpm gauge and illegible mileage. Haven't attempted to troubleshoot it yet. -
Fuel gauge not reading correctly and rpm gauge does not work -
Gauge would read half full even though we would fill to full, we have 2year warranty , we told the dealership and they replaced the whole panel. Due to some faulty wiring or something along those lines -
fuel gauge problem, Is there a recall for this year? -
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