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2005 Mercury Grand Marquis Question: The air will only blow through the vents

When selecting defrost, only a small amount of air moves thru, nothing thru the floor. All air comes out of the vents including heat. Anyone know of the solution for this or how to repair w/o ripping out the dash to repair or replace the blend door actuators? -
Answer 1
Replace HVAC contorl, see youtube! It's about a 20-30 min job even for a diy'er. Just watch the video! Pay no mind to the repair yours video, REPLACE the control head!! You got any auto repair skill? -
Comment 1
Thank you! Can you post a link to the video? -
Comment 2
Just enter this in the youtube search bar : replace ETAC control on 05 merc grand marquis.... Or crown vic either one. YOU do the searching! ......AH W.T.H. Here you go: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S2Q0SvvE-gg Reverse procdure to install. ★ Now, once the unit is removed the system can be tested with a mityvac to be 100% sure it is the problem. That is where you need skills. Or a mechanic! -
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