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The radio works fine. But for some reason the sound only works if it's in park and neutral. As soon as I put it in gear there's no audio.

Car was driving and rmp gauge started jumping but not engine rpm and then the engine died and won't start again. Car has been setting for a year or more. Oil coolant and trans fluid are all good.

Its an old van that was given to me and the ac does not work

I bought a whole new control panel and still have the issue.i check the 30amp fuse and Its good.all i can rhino of it being now is a resistor or a relay

My engine light on my 2007 Mercury Mountaineer came on so I did a diagnosis and it said it was my spark plugs but I just had my spark plugs done they're brand-new

What's caused my headlight to blow?

I do have an oil leak and I was told that I will need a new oil pan because mines have a crack in it but I keep oil in it I would like to know what's causing the gauge to trip out like that

horn honks when using keyless entry.

What has to be done to fix this problem

sometimes it will fix itself for a little while but goes right back to doing it. I have been manuelly shutting off the inside light and the headlights so if the alarm does go off it will not drain my battery.


Mechanic mentioned an interlock. Is this an electrical problem?

both the engine light and the 'oil can' light are on

change fuel pump relay safety swich still in down position disconnected in line to fuel filter turned on key no gas

How do I change the cabin filter ?

I had my tires rotated at oil change when they told me i need 2 new tires for the mariner due to inside wear on front tires back are in great shape currently now on the front bad on the back im worried about what causes this and will the bad tires throw out the back

Because all that work besides the head lights.

It runs hot and warrants it's hot it will not crank until it cools off

battt want dead radio stop working

Solenoid what do I need to do

The wiring harness is dry rotted

speedometer dropped to 0 while driving, started working again for a few days and isn't working now. odometer is only registering 1 out of 3 miles driven

i have a 2002 mercury cougar the belt keeps slipping off and the other day i was at walmarts and it made a weird noise and started smoking well i thought the belt had just came off again.......we were puttin the belt back on and noticed it had gotten so hot it put a crack in the radiator so im now in need of a radiator im curious what other make and models of cars will interchange with my mercury cougar?

The car has been doing fine except one day I had drove it bout 25 miles and it just did nothing but died going down the highway. The lights don't go dim so I figured it wasn't the alt. My battery post was pretty coroaded so I cleaned them really good. It makes me mad because I just bought this car from a car lot and haven't had it bout a couple of week's and it all of a sudden started doing this. Please help me figure this problem out. Also it won't turn over after it dies for at least about five or ten mins. Then it will start rite back up.

i have recently purchased my 2009 mercury milan. The next day i got a oil change on it and two hours after getting the oil change done my lifter started making a fast paced ticking. and i believe it is because it was run so long on almost no oil what so ever that that is why it is making the noise. please help need to fix very soon. I have checked the oil and their is plenty of it in their not to much and not to little

I replaced climate control panel
when turning off , the fan still blows but no air comes out of vents

the battery is draining while not in use, you can here a relay clicking under steering column, was the ac going on and off now dashlights (digital display are doing same and vehicle will stall after15 miles, new battery, alternator good also

Cousin and turned the cruise on and it died. And now it won't start and run. What's the problem with it

Was able to get them to work when I hot wired or bypassed the driver door switches.

check engine code 443