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After the stop leak, it stoped leaking now only cold air comes out and still need to find out what the main problem is so i can fix it?! Thank you for your time
Cause Engine light on and Dashboard Fuel level show 0 Gas
The odometer is about 160,000 Kilometer and I have changed the its ATF last week.
Changed all bulbs and replaced fuses. lower lights off upper light on. Not sure if this is the switch or if a wiring run has gone bad. Suzuki is not been a lot of help with this vehicle.
When I accelerate a low humming and vibration begins, it gets loudest around 45 to 55 MPH and decreases when almost stopped. It is shifting fine but seems to have some loss of compression?
For several weeks I've had a leak on driver side floor board whenever it is raining. (I have not tried just washing my car but I'm sure it will still leak.) it seems to be coming down the left pillar by the hood relea...