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It is not cold outside. Engine sounds like it races and working hard for one second. Is this normal?

I am buying the Oxygen sensors for
Bank 1 Sensor 1
Bank 2 Sensor 1
Question: Are they "upstream or downstream"???? I have found them for a great price, but the place is asking me are they upstream or downstream?

2 different mechanics state a security system or a timing chain.
Before this occured all lights would stay lit on dash, and it would slowly slow down and shut off.

I am buying the Oxygen sensors for
Bank 1 Sensor 1
Bank 2 Sensor 1
Question: Are they "upstream or downstream"???? I have found them for a great price, but the place is asking me are they upstream or downstream?

2005 Suzuki Verona EX

complete a/c repair 9/2016
05/17 ran a/c while driving and heard a clunk sound behind glove compartment,then smelled burning rubber. Turned off a/c and car ran ok. Afraid to run a/c now.

Its not battery had that checked its not over heating what can it be

drivers side, daytime light bulb, low beam headlight

Hi, I had just received 2 new OBD codes P0153 and P0133 just 5.6.2017.
--Suzuki Verona EX 2005
=> P0153: Bank 2 - Sensor 1
=> P0133 Bank 1 - Sensor 1
is it an easy fix????

I need to have these codes go away and the [engine light] also to shut off in order to get passed the state emissions, DEQ.

I have replaced with new the 2 Catalytic Converters in 2016, recently.

An answer on the internet said: Replacing the Front Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 1 will do it???

My blinkers, four way flashers, windows, auto lock does not work. What modular went bad

the car will start again but keeps shutting down.

Multiple codes all point to pending ECM failure.

Can I put an engine out of a 2004 Firenza in my 2006 Firenza?

I hear a lot of noise and it vibrates

i was pulling in my driveway the other night when felt the steering wheel seize and the battery light come on. i nearly lost control and went into the woods! what caused this and whats the cost to possibly fix it? im scared to drive this car as it is. this and the catalytic converter in the front is out so i havve no cruise control.

While driving the car died. It will crank but wont start. The battery, oil n fuel was checked. All good. The starter and distributor was checked n changed. Oil filter spark plugs, wires, sensor, was replaced. Can someone help please n thank you

Cant find the gas filter.

I fixed the alternator belt and now when I try and start the car it wont start. The engine turns over but it sounds like it is not getting spark or the starter isn't engaging.

my brake lights do not work I have checked the fuses and have replaced the brake switch what else is there

just need to know location

The traction control light starts dinging and will not stop til the gauges come back working

now i must step on gas peddle harder to get going.

My battery is not so much the issue what is making it stall in idil is it tue alternator or coukd it be a misfire

What do i have take off to remove and i stall my water pump

The engine seems to tug

check engine light comes on

No acceleration when pedal is pushed AL the way down. Never ran out of gas or had this problem

I'm driving n i reach a stop light rpm drops to 0 and my car dies

I can see in the night .

How to fix OBD Codes:

I have 2 new catalytic converters installed, the mechanic said to drive 100 miles for the computer to adjust. I drove 100 miles all ready and nothing happened.
The car is in excellent shape except for these last steps. Passed 2 "Full" inspections except for these codes.
Any ideas???

just started to happen does not stall but seems to loose gears until you shut off and restart