gas gauge needle goes pass full

tire pressure light is on. Right rear tire and left front.

I thing that is that because mechanics things that

At times when I excelarate I can hear the grinding sound coming from the left front break side..

I need to know more about the check valves placed in the lubrication passages and other issues that can cause this abnormality. I tried changing twice the oil pump; All the crakshaft bearings are new; Changing twice oil filter; Checked the oil bulb; have install Pressure gauge with pointer and there´s the same low pressure.

Engine light is on. traction signal on the dash board. Sometimes it jerks when slowing down to a stop.

Speedometer reads higher than I'm going (~55, it'll show 90, or 120, or whatever it's in the mood to show, it varies, daily), it also shows 30mph, with car off & in park.

the car decelerates and a stabilize traction control message comes up on the message center

was driving fine. Then the information lights and notifications came on and were all flashing...then they stopped and the car died. We put it in park but then it was locked up and we could not remove the key. Everything was dead

I did tuneup air filter oil change estil feol

how many more hours to replace timing chains?moo