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I saw the EGR value at the back of the intake under side, it looks like it mite be electricly opperated
engine light is on due to bad knock sensor.motor shut down
The volume controls on my steering wheel stopped working, no other symptoms exist. Any ideas?
The bolts came off but the tire will not move. Any suggestions
when i turn the ac on the blower dont work
Wanting an estimate on possibly having a vacuum line replaced. The cars rpms are very low and required to keep the gas pedal down a little to keep the car from dying while idling.
I don't see the PCV can anyone please help me locate it. Thank you in advance.
can switching from synthetic oil to regular oil cause problems
went in for spark plugs replaced 2 times erg valve replaced and sensor for erg.just got pvc valve and hose assembly done and oil change.went for smoke and still doing it.like truck but very expensive bills to fix,i go...
should I change my transmission fluid now 130,000. it was never changed before. It is still red and no burning smell
I have 2005 suzuki xl7 for almost 5 years now never had a problem until last Monday while driving in the freeway suddenly stop and found low oil level, fill it up since then every 5-10 minutes running it stops... plea...
Every time I use my air conditioner, water leaks into my passenger side floor board. I called midas and they told me it should be a simple fix and shouldn't cost anything. However, when I took it in they said that t...