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What are the steps to removing a radiator on 2004 Suzuki xl7 I cannot get to bottom hoses. Can get pass fan.
ac compressor turns not locked up; but still air does not come on.
ac compressor turns not locked up; but still air does not come on.
concern if drivebelt pulley,is related to problem,cause i started to notice a chirpping noise this weekend continusely, compared to past. i would hear it,on and off. for a few seconds,then nothing.no chirping noise. w...
Two months ago the a/c & power steering belt broke due to a malfunction with the tensionor pulley. That was a $2400 repair. Last Saturday I was driving & the engine got really loud then shut down. I took it back to th...
Se verifico y se puso el compresor directo y este funciono bien al parecer hay una pieza que es la que hace que el compresor active y no se cual pieza es ni como se llama.
My panic alarm keeps going off for no reason. How can I disable it besides removing the fuse since the power windows are on the same fuse?
what is the procedure in changing the air conditioner belt?
It was towed away from a road after minor front collision. The switch worked at the beginning to move the car to the side of the road, however after arriving to the garage was not operational.
every time I start the car the engine runs very fast goes down to normal short time later is this normal?
my air conditioner has started leaking on the inside of my car on the passenger side.....this is the only problem i have
the horn is not working...looked for a fuse and does not seem to be a problem, but there is no exterior horn assembly under the hood that I can see. Where is it located?
I change my a/c belt and its kind of loose because every time every time I turned My a/c on its starts screaming. I try putting pressure on the tensioner but it din't move. 2.7L engine it have two drive belts alternat...