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the noise seems to be coming from the strut mount área..like a knocking sound
When it stops squealing the heat does fine. Except when idling in which case it blows cold air and will change to heat if u idle it up. Is thus water pump?
how much would a rebuilt engine cost?
While driving on an interstate yesterday, the digital lights on the dashboard started going dim, the fan motor on the AC slowed to just moving, then the car shut off. I could not restart and had to be towed to a deale...
I know about the four bolts the is holding the fun to the pump but they are very tied and I need to remove the fun clutch first.
first i changed the gas cap yesterday ... my service engline soon lamp finally went off today ... cleaned battery terminals today & after re-installing, truck ran good for about 10 miles (no stops) ... when i stopped,...
ac in front wont blow out air but the one in the back works,
master on driver side wont let me roll down window but i can lock door and move mirrors from that side
reservoir is full brake caution light comes on intermittently on dash too
That same day our engine seized up we had our oil changed, 10 miles and 9 hours earlier. The shop said they followed the computer recommendations for the oil, filter etc. There is oil in the pan, on the dipstick. What...
I have the drum pulled and need to know how to take the axle out to replace the outer grease seal
Seems like everything is working but the tail lights...I dont see a fuse in the fuse box marked taillights