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Had radiator,Ac belt,& valve cover gasket changed in shop. After that car dies out while driving and starts after a few minutes. Had it checked and no one can figure it out. Please help!!
had battery, starter and alternator checked at a parts house they said starter and alternator fine battery alittle low so we replace battery started car this morning for work let it warm up got in it to leave battery ...
How can I repair the vacuum pump, hard brake pedal. Or a pump off another vehicle?
Checked battery the day before to see voltage for alternator. Everything checked out OK. Next morning went to start car and inserted key, heard audible dinging and normal lights inside but when I turned the key I hear...
can i do this at home in my driveway or do i have to take it to the shop
whil tying to replace the light bulb I think some pieces broke from the old light bulb. Now the new bulb will not fit or light up. What can i do?
had to remove the battery for an hour. had to replace the homonic balance pulley.
Car runs fine 25mph and above - getting 23 to 25 mpg. When I get into stop & go traffic 20mph or below for about 15 to 20 minutes the engine starts to run on 2 cylinders and then dies. Let it sit for 20 minutes and it...
where and how to replace