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the service engine soon light lit up, I had it check and was told I had a bad tps, and misfire on the number 4 coil, I changed the tps, the number 4 coil and replace all of my spark plugs, unfortunate it stills stalls...
I was told this by two different car guys. I erased a evap code and kept my gas tank above 90% the whole time. The code still kicked on. Were they wrong or is this an indication that the fuel pressure sensor is faulty?
Had radiator,Ac belt,& valve cover gasket changed in shop. After that car dies out while driving and starts after a few minutes. Had it checked and no one can figure it out. Please help!!
had battery, starter and alternator checked at a parts house they said starter and alternator fine battery alittle low so we replace battery started car this morning for work let it warm up got in it to leave battery ...
How can I repair the vacuum pump, hard brake pedal. Or a pump off another vehicle?
when i am driving with the air conditioner on and try to stop at a red light,the engine tries to die . what is the problem?
Checked battery the day before to see voltage for alternator. Everything checked out OK. Next morning went to start car and inserted key, heard audible dinging and normal lights inside but when I turned the key I hear...
sugestions of what could be the possible causes
Make a grinding noise, seems better when turning to the right.
I wanna know what can I do to resolve that problem. Because I like my Vehicule.
can i do this at home in my driveway or do i have to take it to the shop
whil tying to replace the light bulb I think some pieces broke from the old light bulb. Now the new bulb will not fit or light up. What can i do?
had to remove the battery for an hour. had to replace the homonic balance pulley.
Drove to Costco, 104 degrees. Upon leaving---no blower fan whats so ever. Compressor is running, was blowing cold.
The dealer whom sold me the vehicle stated their is a piece of metal from the catylitic converter rattling around stuck up inside.cannot be gotten to.not to passed emissions test.
I need price for repair, and how many days you repair, or you know place where repair this
i hit a deer in my vitara and broke my headlight. I've got new bulds. All the lights work except the blinkers. I've checked all the wiring all the fuses and nothing. Is something else that i need to be looking at?
how do you put a 2001 Suzuki vitara back in time?
Drivers outside door handle broke off, I ordered the part. How do you put the new one on?
They are part of the headlight assembly, but there is no access to them from the engine comparment.
Turn signals fuse blow out when making a left hand turn, all of the other lights are working just fine. What can be casuing this shortage or blowout to occur?
I have a 2001 Vitara, 1.6L, auto trans 44,000 mi. Driven on St Thomas a very hilly island. Lot’s of downshifting coming down the hills and revving going up. Check engine light has been on since I bought the car with ...
car stops running after driving for 20 minutes and have to wait 20 minutes to cool down and start it back on . I have replaced the spark plugs , thermostat , fuel filter .
how involved is it to replace rear main seal?
Car runs fine 25mph and above - getting 23 to 25 mpg. When I get into stop & go traffic 20mph or below for about 15 to 20 minutes the engine starts to run on 2 cylinders and then dies. Let it sit for 20 minutes and it...