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I was told this by two different car guys. I erased a evap code and kept my gas tank above 90% the whole time. The code still kicked on. Were they wrong or is this an indication that the fuel pressure sensor is faulty?
Make a grinding noise, seems better when turning to the right.
how do you put a 2001 Suzuki vitara back in time?
Drivers outside door handle broke off, I ordered the part. How do you put the new one on?
I have a 2001 Vitara, 1.6L, auto trans 44,000 mi. Driven on St Thomas a very hilly island. Lot’s of downshifting coming down the hills and revving going up. Check engine light has been on since I bought the car with ...
car stops running after driving for 20 minutes and have to wait 20 minutes to cool down and start it back on . I have replaced the spark plugs , thermostat , fuel filter .
how involved is it to replace rear main seal?