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It dies when the throttle is pushed down.
When I first got to it I jumped it to get it started I tested voltage meter on the battery and the alternator was charging is reading about 14.77 and then took the jumper cables off turn the car off and the battery he...
I changed the power steering pump but still have the whine. The sound increases with engine speed from idle and up. Still noisy while driving. Engine has 177500 miles. Any help?
when I turn the key lights come on but wont turn over
You vitara Sport 4 x 4 automatic. Engine stays in low as if you not raise force and I would like to off. Previously I turn off and will change all the spark plugs and the sensor cooling and sent.
where is the throttle body located?
Labor cost replacing oilpump
it started knocking yesterday and then died and restarted so i parked it