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I have checked the starter the alternator and the terminals my ignition switch is messed up so I ran a starter button on it I have checked that to and I still can't find the problem can anyone help ?
It dies when the throttle is pushed down.
1.6 engine 4wd 4 door
radio plays wipers work but wont start clean egr system clean tps checked all wires going to battery alt. and starter
When I first got to it I jumped it to get it started I tested voltage meter on the battery and the alternator was charging is reading about 14.77 and then took the jumper cables off turn the car off and the battery he...
without disconnecting the drive line, etc.
I want to tow it behind my motorhome long distance.
I changed the power steering pump but still have the whine. The sound increases with engine speed from idle and up. Still noisy while driving. Engine has 177500 miles. Any help?
have spark, gas goes to the cylinds, compression is good what next
All doors, incl. the back swing gate door, fail to operate in damn cold temps....(I live in Alaska). If I manage to get one open, it wont latch closed---the latch mechanism is frozen. If I am lucky enough to get in,...
the miss is at idle and doesn't appear under acceleration. You can feel it at a low rpm with little throttle preasure about 20/25 mph with no load. I you go to full throttle to pass etc the engine power is god and has...
but won't start its getting fuel but no spark has 158000 miles on it where do I start to fix the problem
Help me. I had no problems with all gears 1-2-3-4-5-& R before changing out to the new shifter. I now only have the lower gears 2-4-& Reverse. How did I go wrong? The old shifter kept popping out and no shifting abi...
when you press the pedal down and start to go it has no power until it hits 2nd gear feels like its smothering out
where is the harness connection for the fuel pump wiring?
we have a '95 Suzuki Sidekick JX...& found a '94 model & was going to try using the TPS to see if this was the actual problem...if its interchangeable...
I own a 1997 Suzuki Sidekick Sport JLX 1.8L. I replaced the battery and terminal clamps to fix the power loss. It turns over now but wont run. My uncle says it may be the fuel pump not working or possibly the fuel shu...
I saw a post here before and wanted to know where did you find the replacement parts to fix this.